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In our online pitbull store you’ll find a wide range of Harnesses for middle - and large-sized Breeds. We offer this kind of equipment for various breeds and sizes, among which you will definetely find well fitting harnesses for your Pit Bulls. If you need durability and guarantee of quality, check up our Leather Harnesses. Genuine Leather provides strength, that will help you to manage the power of your pet, and to develop his natural dignity. We also offer you lighter and more compact Nylon Harnesses, which don’t yield in quality and strength to expensive ones. All the equipment available in our store is made of the highest quality materials, resistant to water and dirt. Soft lining on the inside ensures comfort of your Pit Bull. Convenient design will let you put the tool on and off very quickly. Reflective stripes will ensure the safety of your pet in the city conditions during night walks. Leather Gear is made of the finest quality material  and ensure a long service life. We use only reliable high-quality alloys to make hardware for our equipment. There is also a selection of exclusive products - special Harnesses for rescue Dogs, for veterinary procedures. We have patented some models for professional Pitbull training. The use of such Harnesses will show your professionalism, will help in work and will prove your love to a faithful four-legged friend. Harness is a type of Dog supplies, which provides more control over the pet, allows to use him as a sled dog, to develop strength and endurance. Today you can find the sort of equipment not only for pit bulls on our site, however for almost any breed, from Chihuahua to Great Dane. Harnesses can be made of different materials - an ordinary cloth, lace, nylon, canvas, suede, leather and leatherette. If your Dog misbehaves during walks, it is very convenient to use the Harnesses that prevent pulling on a leash. If it is properly fitted, even a child will be able to manage a large four-foot friend. However, regular walking Harnesses are not suitable for managing anxious, aggressive Dog. Choosing a  Harness is a difficult task, because a good equipment should fit snugly on the body and not to sag. Otherwise, the effectiveness of it will be significantly reduced and the pet will feel uncomfortable. Also pay attention to the conformity of the harness’s weight and your dog’s power. Don't save on Dogs' goods. Cheap Harnesses are usually made of low quality materials and wear out quickly, but what is even worse, they can cause harm to the pet’s health. Commensurate the size and the strength of your animal with the solidity of the Harness you buy. Recently, the Harnesses with reflective stripe became popular. They make the pitbull more visible for drivers and for you in darkness. Remember that the constant use of the Harness is contraindicated, due to the fact that after it pitbull feels uncomfortably in the collar and leash (due to the offset of the gravity center). In order to choose the right material and shape of the equipment, first of all determine the purpose it will be used for. Choosing the Harnesses for service Dogs, notice leather Harnesses with wide straps. It is necessary to check all the metal parts and stitching on the straps. If you want sporty Harnesses that allow the pet to be used for pulling a load or towing a skier, you need Nylon Harnesses. It will be free from metal hardware, will have durable stitching and minimal weight. The main feature of such Harnesses is the existence of special attaching rope. Sometimes it is also equipped with additional fastening elements (e.g. for dogsledding). There are Harnesses for weight training and participation in sports. They are used for short period of time, but quite often. It should be paid special attention to their strength. There are Harnesses with additional weights, which gradually develop Dogs' staying power or help in rehabilitation after fracture. Additional loads are made removable, which allows to choose the right weight. The Harnesses are indispensable for Dogs with thick necks (Mastiff, some breeds of Bulldog). To use harnesses for these breeds is more preferable than collars. Animals breathe easier without damaging their neck and throat. Such Harnesses are usually made ​​of lightweight materials. It can be both nylon or more expensive genuine leather, decorated with studs or spikes. Massive Dogs Harnesses are often sold together with leads of similar colors. There are Harnesses of specific design which allows to lift the Dog off the ground. They are used for animals which due to some peculiarities (injury, age, medical procedures) move with difficulty, or are not able to move themselves at all. Summing it up, the main selection criteria of Pitbull Harness should be: area of use, dog’s size, the structural features of a body and practicality. The price should not be the main priority for you, since a cheap tool can cause not only external damage, but more significant harm to your pet.

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