Flirt Pole

How to Make a Flirt Pole

What you will need to make your Flirt Pole. First you need a pole, rod or stick 3-4ft long, We use 1" PVC as it gives a little spring as where a solid rod or pole will not, a fishing rod will work also. The Idea is not to play tug of war but to get the dog chasing and jumping trying to get it.

Next you need a thin rope, cord or nylon 3ft-6ft long. If you are using a Wood Pole drill a hole in the end to attach the rope to. When using PVC we like to run the rope all the way through the pole and attach it at the bottom. This will keep the PVC from breaking if the dog does catch and pull it.

At the opposite end of the rope you want to attach a piece of Leather or Cow Hyde that is at least 10" long and 4" wide. Cow Hyde can be hard to get so heavy leather from an old coat will work or a leather work glove. Some have even used things like a piece of fire hose, burlap or rags. You can also purchase items sold by protection sports suppliers made from Jute, Leather, French Silk and Burlap.

Now all you need is a little space free of things they will not trip or land on. Have fun get them running circles, change direction once they get close to it pop it up in the air watch the dog jump, twist and run trying to catch it. After you have had fun and the dog has had a fun work out, finally let them catch it and give them praise and love. Let them chew on it a little while you pet them and tell them they are a good dog. This way they will be willing to have fun in the future with the Flirt Pole you have made for them.

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