Two-Handled Pitbull Dog Training Bite Tug


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  • Model: TE41#1077 Leather Bite Tug - Soft


Training Dog Bite Tug for Pitbull Made of Leather

Do you think that your puppy Pitbull is ready for training on a little bit higher level? Are you ready to start educating your dog to raise a champion? Then choose this Leather Training Bite Tug! This awesome tackle is meant especially for young dogs to build their strong grip and develop their biting abilities.

It is made of genuine leather, which provides the puppies with the best biting surface: it is not so easy for the dog to grab it at once, and this challenging work gives utmost results.

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Genuine leather dog bite tug for Pitbulls

Dog training bite tug made of leather

2-handled leather bite tug for Pitbull training

Two-handled leather bite tug for training Pitbulls

Key features of this Pitbull Dog Training Bite Tug:

  • High quality materials
  • 2 handles from both ends
  • Light weight
  • Hand stitched
  • Tear-proof

Intended use of this Pitbull Dog Training Bite Tug:

  • elementary bite training
  • better position grip training
  • grip development
  • prey drive training


  • length - 11 inch (28 cm)


  • Genuine leather

This leather bite tug features superior durability and resistance to a dogís sharp teeth. The stitched handles from both ends are difficult to tear. Your Pitbull can make great efforts when pulling, but the loops will stay put.

This training tool is the best choice for basic bite training after some practice on the fiber tugs. Please remember, professional dog trainers do not recommend leather bite tools for the puppies under 9 months old. The pupís teeth and jaw should be mature enough to be ready for work on this surface.

NOTE PLEASE! The dog bite training tug isn't meant for chewing. If you want the gear to serve you for a long time, don't let your Pitbull chew it.

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