Model: KA14#1077 Metal brush with wooden handle #1

'Personal Stylist' Pitbull Dog Comb with Wooden Handle




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Chrome-Plated Metal Comb for Pitbull Fur Grooming

Do you want your Pitbull be well-maintained, like a true gentleman? Then do not hesitate to buy this new Chrome-Plated Metal Comb with wooden handle! With this great tool grooming your pet will become super convenient and pleasant!

Rounded metal pins will never cause pain in dog while brushing and due to the comfy wooden handle you free yourself from hand fatigue, even if you have to comb out the most hard-to-get areas. The handle doesn’t slip away and is easy to grab firmly.

You can also order Nickel-Plated Pitbull Comb. with spacious teeth.

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Key features of this Pitbull Dog Brush:

  • easy to use
  • convenient wooden handle
  • rustproof pins

Intended use of this Pitbull Dog Brush:

  • Pitbull grooming


  • length 6 inch (14,5 cm)
  • width 4 1/3 inch (11 cm)
  • diameter of the handle 1 2/5 inch (3,5 cm)
  • the distance between the teeth is 2/5 lines (0,8 mm)
  • weight - 1/5 lbs (84 g)


  • Chrome-plated steel
  • Wooden handle

Brushing your pet regularly with this comb, you’ll make a pleasant massage for your dog, keep his skin clean and reduce shedding.

Strong, eco-friendly wooden handle is big enough for comfortable and strong grab. The metal “body” is chrome-plated that brings its silver shine and resistance to rust. Light weight (1/5 lbs) allows you not to get tired when combing your beloved pet.

Note, that this Chrome-Plated Metal Comb has an excellent price right now, so don’t waste your time and order it now!

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