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  • Model: TT19#1077 3 inch (7,5 cm) foam ball


Water-Floating Dog Ball of Foam for Pitbull

Do you see the necessity of organizing your dog’s leisure? Every dog needs to relax in an active way, otherwise you’ll face the problem of your pet’s awful misbehavior. Moreover, playtime involves your canine in an easy, unobtrusive training, developing his / her prey drive or biting abilities.

These are the reasons for you to consider this Foam Ball, created especially for your powerful Pitbull! This great toy in unsinkable in water, and thus can be used both for land and water activities. Swimming and playing in the water, you do not only reduce stress in your dog arisen under his life in the urban conditions, but also develop his muscular system and make him stronger and healthier.

The item is super lightweight, so it flies far, making your Pitbull run for “the prey” at a far distance. Running and jumping, swimming and playing – all these is possible with this amazing toy! Don’t make your dog get bored! Make his everyday bright and full of joy!

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Dog ball unsinkable in water

Dog foam ball, 3 inches in diameter

Dog ball made of foam rubber

Pitbull dog ball, water floating

Key features of this Pitbull Dog Ball:

  • Dog-friendly
  • Bright color
  • Water floating
  • Strong rope
  • Lightweight

Intended use of this Pitbull Dog Ball:

  • Playing
  • Having fun
  • Interactive activity


  • 3 inch (7,5 cm) in diameter
  • Weight 2 Oz
  • Rope length - 14 inch (35 cm)


  • Foam

More details about this Water-Floating Dog Ball for Pitbull:

1) The item is made of foam. This makes it ultra-lightweight, so you can use it both for indoor and outdoor activities. Don’t be afraid that it can break the window! Hardly!

2) The ball doesn’t sink in water and can be used for water sports.

3) It is puncture-resistant, so your pet is allowed to toss, shake and tug it.

4) Made of top-grade quality stuff, your Pitbull won’t suffer from stomach problems or allergies.

5) Equipped with a strong nylon rope, the ball is great for fetch games.

6) Bright color makes the ball easy to find and difficult to lose from the field of vision.

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