Protection Jute Cover for Pitbull Dog Bite Sleeve


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  • Model: PSC491077 Mega Strength Full Jute Cover


Super Durable Jute Protection Cover for Dog Training Sleeve

Do you train your Pitbull with the use of professional equipment? This equipment is sometimes rather expensive and you should worry about its good condition. If you use a sleeve for training your dog, then a protection cover would be a must have to keep the item new and to prolong its service life.

This page presents a high quality jute cover for dog training sleeve like PS200- Dog Training Bite Sleeve, PS27- Official WUSV 2011 Trial schutzhund Bite Sleeve, PS28 - Schutzhund Training and Trial Bite Sleeve.

Enjoy the natural material and save your money!

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Jute cover for Pitbull training sleeve

Jute cover to prolong the service life of dog training sleeve

Dog sleeve's cover made of strong jute

Jute protection cover for dog training sleeve

Key features of this Pitbull Dog Sleeve Cover:

  • 100% eco-safe
  • Round handle
  • Extra durable
  • Loops for seeve attachment
  • Easy to care for

Intended use of this Pitbull Dog Sleeve Cover:

  • Protection of a training sleeve
  • Fits most of sleeves' brands


  • 3,35 lb (1,52 kg)


  • Jute

Key features of this Protection Cover:

1) This dog item is made of strong jute. It is eco-safe, wear-resistant and won’t damage your dog’s teeth when biting.
2) It is super easy to use. When the cover gets dirty you just take it off the sleeve and wash in your washing machine!
3) The cover is carefully stitched to provide better durability and strength. It won’t tear even if to tug hard.
4) Equipped with a handle, the cover provides the trainer with extra convenience.

SPECIAL OFFERS For Owners of Large Breeds

No more pulling problems!


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