Pitbull weight Pulling training

Weight pull is a wonderful sport for Pit Bulls to display their physical and mental strength. Before you get involved you should make sure you know where to go, what equipment you will need and the training involved.

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Let's start with Weight Pull Organizations

Two established organizations that hold weight pull events are the United Kennel Club and the International Weight Pull Association.

Both organizations offer quality events and have the experience to set up nice pulls with good turn outs. The IWPA is a weight pull specific organization and is widely popular among dog owners who are involved in weight pull.

The types of pulls you will encounter are:

1. Track pulls. These pulls use a track and wheel system. This is where you will see massive amounts of weight being pulled.

2. Cart pull. These pulls use a wheeled cart and while the weights are lower than track pulls they are still quite impressive.

3. Sled pulls. The most difficult of the pulls are sled pulls.

These pulls are held on dirt or snow and use a sled to hold the weights.

The UKC and IWPA mostly use cart and sled pulls during their pull events. This requires your dog to have Superior strength and drive in order to successfully pull the weight.

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How Weight Pulls Work

Your dog will be required to pull the weight 16 feet and you are not allowed to bait (encourage with food or a toy) or touch the dog while the dog is pulling.

You can encourage the dog from the finish line or drive the dog by walking to the side and behind them while encouraging them to pull the weight.

Your dog has one minute to complete the pull. If they do not pull the weight helpers will come out and assist the dog so they succeed. You do not score any points if the dog needs help.

The dog that pulls the most weight according to their size wins the pull.

Using this system you will see big dogs lose to little dogs because the little dog pulled more weight compared to their size in open pulls. Both organizations offer pulls for specific breeds.

The most popular breeds used are:

1. American Pit Bull Terriers

2. American Bulldogs

3. Malamutes

4. Rottweilers

But other breeds like Cocker Spaniels and Poodles also get involved in weight pull.

Important Equipment You Will Need

Having a good weight pull harness is the key here. Weight pull harnesses are designed for weight pull and come with a "brace" bar that will help stretch out the harness to pull the weight.

You can get these harnesses online by doing a search for them using your favorite search engine.

Training Your Pit Bull for Weight Pull

Experts advise against getting young dogs started in weight pull and recommend you start when the dog is 18-24 months old.

Starting at this age gives your dog time to fully grow so they won't injure their joints, muscles or ligaments.

You will find two camps in the training department. One camp suggests that you start out by having your dog pull light weights while working and the other camp suggests that you start training with light weights using the rules, distance and set up that you would encounter at a pull.

Having your dog pull the light weight 16 feet exactly as they would if they were compete ting.

Whatever camp you want to start in you should get some professional help or find a person who has been doing weight pull with the UKC or the IWPA for a while and ask them questions.

Weight pull offers a great way to get outdoors and get some exercise with your dog while giving your dog a job to do.

In the end, it's a unique sport for unique canines and owners that enjoy the competition and excitement of a successful pull.

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